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Mercure Hotel, Inverness
Mercure Hotel, Inverness

Mercure Hotel, Inverness

Rating out of 5: 2


The Hotel in general is a four-star hotel which must be mentioned! Staying here for 5 nights together with my mother, having booked an Executive Room without breakfast.

The arrival at the hotel was in general good, the ladies at the reception were nice and it didn’t take long before we could get into our room.

The room itself looked clean on first views, when looking closer however there were a few things we noticed, such as part of a cobweb hanging down from the ceiling.

During our stay it has also to be mentioned that on New Year’s Day, though there were cleaners walking around, our room didn’t get serviced at all, leaving the tea and coffee equipment empty and the whole room untouched! We did not hang out the sign to leave the room be and we were away for quite a couple of hours so no reason to not service our room!!! On night 1 the room was serviced fine, night 2 we weren’t too sure since it was only partly serviced (as in filled tea and coffee tray but nothing around the bed e.g.), night 3 was the time with the completely unserviced room, night 4 it was serviced perfectly fine again. This is the main reason for the bad rating added to the found cobwebs and dust in places it should not be, considering this is a four-star hotel!

Added to the above mentioned the interior of the hotel room was quite old looking and to be honest quite used which gave us a bit of the feeling of being in a backup room in which usually no one stays except if the rest of the hotel is fully booked.

Something I also noticed was the WIFI at least for myself not working most of the time, when it worked it only worked for literally one minute and was gone again! Also the room lacks of USB-charging pots, which these days are usually a standard in higher classed hotels from the places I have seen till now.

However, the hotel interior in general, such as the reception, were nice looking and the hotel room was absolutely fine for the stay, the mentioned points however should not be found inside a 4-star hotel which makes me rate this hotel a 2 out of 5 stars.

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