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Willy Wallace Hostel, Stirling
Willy Wallace Hostel, Stirling

Willy Wallace Hostel, Stirling

Rating out of 5: 1

Reasons: The Location close to the train and bus station and in the middle of the old town of Stirling is superb which for me unfortunately doesn’t make me miss out on the things I am not happy about.

Yes, it is a hostel and yes that means sharing a room with someone else but I booked a room which was described as a 6 bed women’s dorm which is not what I got and since I was told that this is the only hostel room I am more than just disappointed. It is described as a 6 bed women’s dorm which is just not true. The room part which is for the female guests has way more than 6 beds in it for one. Added to that it is divided from the men part by only a wall without a door, the wall not reaching the top of the room but stopping so that when you sit on the top of a bed you can actually look over it pretty easily. Which wasn’t just annoying when going to the bathroom since you had to go through the men’s part, but it was also pretty bad cause as soon as there were more than two men there, they just moved themselves into the women’s part of the room which did make any separation basically non-existent.

What did bother me added to that was also that the beddings weren’t changed. The whole time I was here (which was several nights) whenever someone left the beddings were just folded by someone on a certain point but never washed as far as I saw. The power sockets were barely working, except of two which have been only close to one bed and by that not easy to reach for other guests. What I also found quite bad was that if you wanted them to look after your luggage before check-in or after check-out you had to pay for it and I am not talking about 5 Pounds or so. It was a whole 10 Pounds per item no matter how small or big.

Given the fact that this hostel is more expensive than any other hostel I stayed in till now I have to say I am more than just disappointed.

I personally wouldn’t book it again but going to spend a bit more money on a proper hotel the next time I am in Stirling.

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