Scotland - The country of Bagpipes, Kilts and Whisky. But that's not what Scotland is, at least not all that Scotland is. Scotland is a country of wild rough nature and astonoshing beauty , rich on history, friendly people, mountains, glens, lochs, flora and fauna. Come with me on a journey exploring this special place, valueing its unique atmosphere, getting to know its inhabitants and unique history. Scotland, a country like no other, seen from the eyes of a non native, feeling home there.
Ruthven and Glen Tromie circuit
Ruthven and Glen Tromie circuit

Ruthven and Glen Tromie circuit

Rating out of 5: 3.5

Source: Walkhighlands


Starting a short walk from Kingussie near the famous Ruthven Barracks the walk leads you up clear paths, uphill with some amazing views over the surrounding countryside, over to Kingussie, the Barracks and the Monadhliath Mountains behind the town.

Following the nice paths you will eventually head downhill again, through a forest and be careful here, this is definitely the bit for which I took away quite a bit from the rating, being easily mislead with the paths you follow through the undergrowth I soon was off track and had to find my way through the bracken, leaving me soaked and with stingy things stuck all over me.

After this bit the track gets easier following a road back to the main road before heading off into a nature reserve, which again offered a lovely walk, however the road or more dirt track was nice to get a wee bit dry but it took like hours and except some nice views through Glen Tromie there wasn’t much to see and the route only all straight (call it winging, that’s just my preferences).

The route does give you some nice views over the landscape and my highlight was towards the end the nature reserve alongside with the Ruthven Barracks, a place I had long wanted to see up close.

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