Scotland - The country of Bagpipes, Kilts and Whisky. But that's not what Scotland is, at least not all that Scotland is. Scotland is a country of wild rough nature and astonoshing beauty , rich on history, friendly people, mountains, glens, lochs, flora and fauna. Come with me on a journey exploring this special place, valueing its unique atmosphere, getting to know its inhabitants and unique history. Scotland, a country like no other, seen from the eyes of a non native, feeling home there.
Oban Explorer – A town walk
Oban Explorer – A town walk

Oban Explorer – A town walk

Rating out of 5: 4

Source: Walkhighlands


Combining this route with the Pulpit Hill and Gallanach, Oban – A scottish World would be a very good idea if you don’t hesitate walking about 10 km in a day and even if you need a break you can just stop in the centre of Oban first and get some coffee or something to eat before you head on up to the most iconic sight in Oban – MacCaig’s Tower.

Heading up there you can see parts of the town you usually wouldn’t visit and still enjoy a nice short walk. You know I usually take away stars for en-street walking but here I am not doing that since this is a town walk and it is not meant to be all nature, even though especially at MacCaig’s Tower itself, there is a lot of nature.

At the end or the beginning, depending on where you chose to start, you can enjoy great views over the sea and up towards Dunollie Castle in front of you. From here you can still extend the walk and head to the castle. Since I did the walk the day I arrived in Oban it was already late and I didn’t really have enough time to do so but it looked great still and I regret not doing it.

A solid 4 out of 5-star rating for this route, being a town walk but still offering great views and a lovely spend time!

Ignore the walking trousers sound 🙂 on this walk around MacCaig’s Tower
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