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Three Brethren, from near Selkirk
Three Brethren, from near Selkirk

Three Brethren, from near Selkirk

Rating out of 5: 5

Source: Walkhighlands                             2h 8min


There are various routes up to the Three Brethren, I would like to compare them but till now only had the chance to walk the route from Selkirk. With the start point of the route being located about 1.7 miles from the centre of Selkirk it is advisable to either take the bus to the rugby grounds or get to the start point by car.

The car park is small and free of charge. From there a track leads up into the woods and is followed for quite a bit before reaching open land and clear paths which lead directly to the Three Brethren, offering great views over the surrounding hillside and on nice sunny days invite for a nice picnic.

On the top right next to the Three Brethren you have to keep in mind as often in the Borders, that it will definitely be very windy so the tree stone cairns aside from being the main attraction of this walk are good to protect you a bit from the wind.

The way down is steep at bits and follow good paths. After a while you will get towards the end and will have to cut a bit through open field while orientating yourself at the fence to your left. My suggestion to you would be to download the GPS data provided by Walkhighlands, I personally find them quite helpful when I am a bit off track (like to parallel paths running just 2 metres inbetween, but in the end being quite a distant away from each other). It is easy to miss the right way in such situations and this bit of GPS can support you here.

However, you should never just walk with GPS, always have a map and a compass with you to be secure.

This walk gets a solid 5 out of 5 rating with the beautiful day I had walking it. It really is great (I also walked the whole way from the towns centre to the start of the route and back again so if you don’t mind adding some miles it is not too bad although the way is on or next to the street)

to say it was very windy is not too far fetched
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