Scotland - The country of Bagpipes, Kilts and Whisky. But that's not what Scotland is, at least not all that Scotland is. Scotland is a country of wild rough nature and astonoshing beauty , rich on history, friendly people, mountains, glens, lochs, flora and fauna. Come with me on a journey exploring this special place, valueing its unique atmosphere, getting to know its inhabitants and unique history. Scotland, a country like no other, seen from the eyes of a non native, feeling home there.
Living in Scotland
Living in Scotland

Living in Scotland

Where to start…

What people associate with Scotland is very often the beautiful scenery and the bad weather. They are right both times. The scenery is a big part of Scotland and so is the rainy weather, but the truth is, without that rain, Scotlands scenery and abundance in nature wouldn’t be what we enjoy.

Once the rain stops and the grey clears off the sky, some dark clouds are left, but above all that, there is the clear blue sky, shining through the darkness. These features of light wouldn’t exist without the rainy clouds, darkening the sky. But you know what also wouldn’t exist, the lovely pictures you can take, no matter what time of the year, whenever you visit, you will find moments, where the light just captures your eye and makes a beautiful place seem out of this world.

Scotland is not a drive through, Scotland is a place where you need time, time to soak yourself in all it has and truth be told. I personally will never have enough time to see everything, and I am saying this, living in this beautiful place. Regular crazy weather is part of my day to day but so is the smile on my face when I look out my window and see the dark clouds moving through the sky with bright blue inbetween and on a certain point you find that there is much more blue than cloud, or at least you will realise that the blue is the more important part cause even this would give a great picture.

For years I have blogged on here about the history of places, have reviewed routes I have walked and places I have stayed, and while I will go back to doing some of those things from time to time, what has been missing for me the last couple of month since actually moving to Scotland, is not just expressing my love for the country but also feeling free to write on here what I want.

I want to start exploring and sharing those special things with you, but more on the level of writing from what I feel is right to say, not from what history I researched for a post. Letting this part be me and reflect my journey in Scotland while sharing Scotlands nature, beauty, history and culture with you.

Some of my post may on a certain point be simple history again, I won’t deny that, but for the moment this may be what is coming up here.

Hopefully I will see some of you following this journey of development on my blog, others may not be interested. Each to their own.

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